VirtCh is a unique kind of outsource company filling the vital role of content creation AND execution

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The Virtual Producer

Save money while increasing the quality of your show with the Virtual Producer! All graphics and animations are designed and created with our teams advanced skillset, complimenting your unique vision and brand identity. VirtCh’s pool of video producers have vast experience in your industry. Our team consists of high level talent in 3D graphic animation, video direction, commercial production, and more; they have everything it takes to produce a fantastic show.


Creative Team

You have access to our entire team of creative producers and artists to make your show the best it can be. Team Leads will facilitate all requests and ensure quick turnaround on quality work. Our team consists of:

  • Animators
    Experts in industry related 3D/2D animation
  • Content Creators
    Visual artists that can produce commercials, social media, and other related content
  • Show Producers
    Vast experience producing quality live sports productions

Remote Production

Visua’s unique platform utilizes the latest technology to produce live events remotely from anywhere in the world. We can take control of your show from planning to execution, hiring and performing the majority of the production roles (including equipment troubleshooting).

  • Control of Production Switcher
    On or off premise
  • Control of Instant Replay
    On or off premise
  • Control of Cameras
    Unmanned PTZ Cameras

Our Options are Unique to you

Each option is designed with your needs in mind. Get a custom quote today!


Off-Season/Pre-Season/In-Season Content Creation
VirtCh Lead Creative Art Director with a Full Creative Team
Custom 2D & 3D Animations
Access to Animation Library
Green Screen Videos
Player Onboarding
24 / 7 / 365 Communication
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Remote Production of your Live Events (Replaces your Technical Director and Replay)
Professional Script/Rundown Structure
Our Proprietary Industry-Leading Remote Production Technology
Statistics/Scorebug Integration
Highlight Clips for Social/Marketing
24 / 7 / 365 Communication
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Production Technology Packages
Indoor/Outdoor Unmanned Cameras
Variable PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) and Static Cameras
Seamless Integration with VirtCh Show Remote Technology
On-Premise Video Switcher for Optional Local Control
On-Premise Video Replay for Optional Local Control
Fully Customizable for your Facility
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Need Help? Reach us at

24/7/365 Communication

VirtCh is always open for all of your creative requests. Our collaborative Zoom conference line is open during East-to-West business hours with an after hours line available when you need us. It will always be like we are a door away.

More show. More Action. Less Money.