VirtCh Create & Show

By signing up as a client of Virtch, you agree to be legally bound by these conditions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. VirtCh may change these terms at any time by updating www.virtch.co/terms. You should visit this page periodically to review these conditions, as they are binding to you. If you do not agree with ALL of these terms, then you are expressly prohibited from using the VirtCh Services and must discontinue use immediately.


Subject to level of Create Package Purchased

VirtCh creative package LEVELS

An unlimited number of projects can be submitted but depending on which package you choose will determine the type of project VirtCh will work on. To view the package level go to www.virtch.co/create-levels

client branding and raw content

Client is expected to provide all branding guides, logos, HEX codes, color guides, raw photographs, raw headshots of players/coaches/staff, raw video (ex: B-Roll), and any other existing and/or important content to the VirtCh Creative Team Lead to use in graphic requests.


Client will provide any local video footage needed for creative outside of what can be captured from VirtCh's VRPS system. VirtCh can provide video footage captured at our remote studios via green screen or at our Lexington, KY partners stadium.

Green Screen Creative (VRAK)

If Client is provided a VRAK (VirtCh Remote Acquisition Kit) to be used for green screen creative and player onboarding, Client will provide VirtCh with an on site liaison to assist with all shoots.

Virtch structure and procedures

Client agrees to adhere to all VirtCh proprietary structures and procedures including, but not limited to, use of Microsoft Teams for communication, VirtCh game day script structure, graphic request procedures, player onboarding procedures, etc. Formal structure and procedures will be provided at commencement of contract.

Total Number of Companies

Only one company may use the account. Conglomerates, subsidiaries and businesses operated by separate ownership including but not limited to separate locations, franchisees or other non-related entities may not use one account.

VirtCh response times

VirtCh standard business hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5pm central time, excluding national holidays. We also understand that our industry works late and odd hours so we provide on call services. Responses to inquiries will be handled in the order in which we receive them, often the response times are immediate, however, it may take additional time to respond to more complex requests. Please note that a response does not include design time estimates or revisions to graphics.

Client expected deadlines

This venture is most successful when provided enough time to complete with the highest level detail and creative touch. In order to do that we expect that requests be submitted in the following deadlines:

- Provide Final Game-Day Script / Rundown 6 hours before event
- Request Game-Day Graphic Updates a minimum of 6 hours before event
- Request New 2D Static Graphic Requests 48 hours in advance of event
- Request New 2D Animated Graphic Requests 5 days in advance of event
- Request New 3D Animated Graphic Requests 14 days in advance of event
- Approve all New Graphic Requests (except Game-Day Graphic Updates) by end of business day 1-day prior to event

Design turn-around timelines

Design/turn-around time for Typical projects is 1-2 business days for still graphics and 3-5 business days for animations. More complicated projects may take longer than 5 business days. Typical 2D graphic projects include but are not limited to a single pageflyer, static headshot template, and social media graphics.

Typical animation projects include but are not limited to crowd prompts, videoboard features, and animated social media graphics.

More complicated projects include but are not limited to logo designs, bulk animated headshots, and animated cap shuffles. 

Please note that companies that require branding/identity guidelines, style guides, style sheeting, rules, regulations, or other brand-specific requirements will increase the time for design and revision delivery. The increase in time is dependent on the complexity and length of the guidelines/rules and regulations.

Revisions & Turn-around timelines

Minor Revisions can include but are not limited to; textual revisions that do not increase the character length or break the frame size of the original design element. Changing a color of a vectorized graphic (not to be confused with color correction of a rasterized image), can be minor depending on the complexity of the revision. Small “pixel level” adjustments to positioning of few objects. Typically minor revisions can be accomplished within 1 business day depending on the complexity of the project.

Major Revisions include but are not limited to; creation of a secondary concept from scratch, major structural changes including moving an object more than a few pixels or adding and object, reorganization or layout, addition of textual objects that increase the character length enough to breach the original design frame. This also includes replacement of fonts that may cause the same breach of the original frame. Major revision will are highly dependent on the complexity of the project and turn-around time is quoted once the project has started.

Releasing completed work and proofreading

We hold ourselves to a high standard of delivery and would never intentionally submit final files with errors to you. However in a rare event that you do receive a file with errors, please notify us promptly and we will do our best to quickly make the revisions and re-submit to you. VirtCh is not liable for any loss of business or loss of revenue incurred from errors in our design files. Please make sure you check the design before ordering print or finalizing for marketing/the show.

VirtCh will make best efforts to catch spelling and grammar errors. However, VirtCh  is not responsible to proofread, spell check or modify textual content in any way and as such is not responsible for any issues that arise from use of the material provided to us. The customer is fully responsible for all provided content, proofreading, spelling and grammar checks and must approve the proof before the file is released.

Releasing completed work and proofreading

CLIENT agrees that all  VirtCh Intellectual Property is owned by VirtCh and VirtCh agrees that all CLIENT Intellectual Property is owned by CLIENT.  VirtCh Intellectual Property  may be used as templates applied to other VirtCh CLIENTS.  All VirtCh Intellectual Property is licensed to CLIENT     to be used throughout the Term of the AGREEMENT.  If this AGREEMENT is terminated by     VirtCh prior to the Subscription End Date due to the uncured material breach of CLIENT, then CLIENT relinquishes rights to use the VirtCh Intellectual Property. If CLIENT is current on all payments as of the Subscription End Date , VirtCh will license to CLIENT the use of all VirtCh Intellectual Property (including all content created and provided by VirtCh to CLIENT during the term of this Agreement) in perpetuity at no additional cost to CLIENT.  

The term "VirtCh Intellectual Property" shall mean (i) all VirtCh trade secrets, ideas, inventions, designs, developments, devices, methods and processes (whether or not patented or     patentable, or reduced to practice) and all VirtCh patents and patent applications related thereto; and (ii) all VirtCh designs, logos, trademarks, copyrights, copyrightable works and mask works and all VirtCh registrations and applications for registration related thereto.  The term "CLIENT Intellectual Property" shall mean (i) all CLIENT trade secrets, ideas, inventions, designs, developments, devices, methods and processes (whether or not patented or patentable, or reduced to practice) and all CLIENT patents and patent applications related thereto; and (ii)     all CLIENT designs, logos, trademarks, copyrights, copyrightable works and mask works and all CLIENT registrations and applications for registration related thereto.


Subject to level of Show Package Purchased


As part of our standard Show package, a Technical Director is provided to run Clients broadcast/stream video switcher provided as part of a VRPS equipment package. The Technical Director is responsible for operating the video switcher from our remote studios and directing all local camera operators. Technical Directors are trained with the proper expertise to direct and run a high quality show for your sport and technology level.

VIRTCH Instant replay operator

As an optional service, an Instant Replay operator may be provided to run Clients broadcast/stream instant replay machine provided as part of a VRPS equipment package. The Instant Replay Operator is responsible for operating the machine from our remote studios while working with the Technical Director. Instant Replay Operators are trained with the proper expertise to run a high quality replay show for your sport and technology level.


Client is responsible for providing operators for the Videoboard Graphics Machine, Local Manned Cameras, Scoreboard/Scoring Operator, and any other positions other than what VirtCh is providing as part of the Show Package. Client will also provide Game Operations Director that will work in concert with Technical Director to Co-Produce the Show.

COMMUNication and meetings

VirtCh and Client will meet periodically throughout the year and on game days to ensure proper flow of communication and maximize the quality of show. VirtCh is to be included (or provided a full recap) in the following meetings:

- Camera Operator Training Session (VirtCh to lead) prior to season
- Pre-season complete run through of show (VirtCh and Client to co-lead) prior to season
- Sold Sponsorship Content Meetings 30 days prior to first event each season
- Homestand meeting 5 business days prior to first event of subsequent homestand
- Recap meeting no more than 30 minutes after the end of the game
- Pre-production meeting at least 30-minutes prior to gates opening
- Any other Game day meetings or other meetings that would involve VirtCh services

Stream graphics and statistics

VirtCh will provide all stream and game day graphics as part of the Create Package Level chosen by Client. Client is responsible for providing all other content not included within that package. VirtCh will load all graphics required to be included in the video switcher and instant replay machine for the stream.

Statistics. Depending on the VirtCh Create Package that you choose, advanced scorebugs and statistic overlays will be provided. Client is responsible to provide a CSV formatted (template provided by VirtCh) with all relevant statistics to be included in the stream no less than 5 hours before the game. If updated statistics are not provided in the proper format, they will not show as updated in the stream. For some clients, depending on the league, statistics may be able to be parsed using a proprietary application built by VirtCh.

Game Day information

Client will provide all game day media guides and rosters as soon as available on game day. If received less than 1 hour before gates opening, graphics may not be able to be updated accordingly.

Other Events

Client will inform VirtCh of any scheduled events that require VirtCh VRPS system (number of events outlined in contract) at least 7 business days prior to event. If request is submitted within the 7 days we cannot guarantee execution and if we can additional fees will apply.


The VirtCh logo will be incorporated into the Scorebug for all broadcasts. You may request to remove or change to a sponsored logo.


VirtCh will provide virtual technical support for all equipment provided under the VirtCh contract. Local alterations to the equipment during the duration of the term that are not facilitated or approved by VirtCh support personnel will require a service call of $1,495/day plus materials and travel expenses, in addition to applicable repair and/or replacement costs. Please address all support related issues to support@visua.freshdesk.com


Subject to level of Producer Package Purchased


The VirtCh Producer is responsible for overseeing and executing all facets of the clients in-game presentation including but not limited to on-field entertainment, partner activation, and AV operations. The VirtCh Producer is responsible for assisting with the creation, implementation, and coordination of all in-game elements while promoting fan engagement and family fun. This is accomplished by collaborating with organization management, sponsorship, and ticket sales. The next couple sections highlight the specific duties and scope of the VirtCh Producer and Client.


Client is responsible for hiring a Show Caller in coordination with the VirtCh Client Services Rep in line with agreed upon budget. Virtch will provide training and certification for the Show Caller.


Client is to provide one or more person(s) to provide coverage for all areas below consisting of interns, seasonal employee and/or full-time employee to work with VirtCh Show Producer hand-in-hand. VirtCh to assist client department personnel by providing execution and guidance in the below listed scope.


VirtCh Duties & Responsibilities
- Oversee Entertainment Department
- Work directly with management and team staff to create the season promotional schedule including nightly promotions, specialty jersey nights, theme nights, community nights, and one-off promotional nights
- Oversee the execution of all nightly promotions, specialty jersey nights, theme nights, community nights, and one-off promotional nights
- Oversee the design all giveaway items
- Oversee the creation, Design all specialty on-field jerseys
- In-House/Local Show Production  
○ Provide off-site  Show Producer  
○ Oversee on-site VirtCh  Certified Show Director /Caller  
○ Write game script  
○ Develop and oversee execution of creative ideas  to constantly and consistently add value to show entertainment  
○ Provide training and  support to all talent and production staff  
- Livestream Production  and Broadcast  
○ Implement innovative livestream production standards that set team  apart from other  livestreams  
○ Work with local game day staff to ensure livestream production is up to standards  
○ Provide training/support to  talent
- Work with sales  team to develop  creative sponsorship opportunities that add value  for client and entertainment to show
- Ensure entertainment remains the top priority when developing new  in-stadium ideas,  sponsorships, and show production
- Create a fun, engaging, and  entertaining gameday environment for all client home games  
- Guide the stadium’s video  board presentation and in-game sound/music selection  

Client Duties & Responsibilities
- Order all  giveaway items
- Manage promotional giveaway budget  set by management
- Keep accurate reports of all  promotional item order  deadlines, sponsorship  deadlines, delivery dates, budget breakdown and invoices
- Navigate possible vendors to select  the most appropriate vendor for each promotional item based on cost and  quality of promotional items
- Order all specialty on-field jerseys
- Run front office game-day meetings to ensure  season and nightly  sponsorship activation  
- Coordinate bands  and game entertainment
- Coordinate National Anthem Singers and other talent/appearances
- Acquire all player walk-up music and headshots and field any  change requests
- Hire  On-field Talent/Host  


VirtCh Duties and Responsibilities
- Develop team  marketing strategy with management
- Work with Director of Digital Marketing to ensure execution of marketing strategy
- Develop commercial concepts and ensure  execution of production
- Design all  print and digital ads
- Assist in the execution of digital and social marketing strategy

Client Duties & Responsibilities
- Provide  marketing personnel (at least 1) consisting of interns, seasonal employees,  and/or full-time employee
- Oversee radio, TV and  print marketing for  team
- Manage marketing budget set  by management
- Work with media partners to create and negotiate marketing contracts
- Submit all print and  digital ads to media partners per marketing schedule
- Keep accurate reports of all marketing activations and invoices
- Oversee the execution of digital  and social marketing strategy  


VirtCh Duties and Responsibilities
- Work in conjunction with Media Relations Department to ensure organization goals are met

Client Duties & Responsibilities
- Provide Media Relations  personnel (at least 1) consisting of interns, seasonal employee, and/or  full-time employee
- Ensure all  media outlets are  kept up-to-date with  team’s promotions, community involvement, special events,  player signings and accomplishments
- Write and distribute all press releases
- Ensure management is involved in media opportunities when appropriate
- Maintain a positive relationship with all local  media outlets and partners    
- Act  as the Communications Officer between League  and Team  
○ Develop league-wide minimum  standards for all teams in league  
○ Act as the direct contact  between every team in the league and  team  
○ Communicate all roster moves, number  changes, series pitching rotations and provide updated rosters to the home  communications officer during  road games  
○ Represent team in weekly  communications league calls  with League President, Communications Director and  Communications officers  
○ Ensure team remains up-to-date with player photos, rosters, game notes  and headshots in the league Google Drive  

StaffManagement, HR Duties, and Hiring

VirtCh Duties and Responsibilities
- Provide hiring targets
- Assist in the hiring of Show Caller
- Provide suggested pay rate per control room position
- Advise and oversee  Show Caller management of production and show staff  

Client Duties & Responsibilities
- Hire and oversee full-time, seasonal assistants  
○ Marketing/Entertainment/Media Relations Assistant, Production Assistant, Baseball Operations and Statistics  assistant  
- Hire  Show Caller
- Hire and Oversee game-day Promotions Team
- Hire and Oversee game-day Production Team
- PA/Music Operator, Videoboard Operator, Broadcaster, Camera Operators,  League Official Scorer, Scoreboard Operation  

Misc. Duties & Community Relations

The following additional duties and Community Relations tasks have been  identified by VirtCh as common practice and/or essential to the success of  your organization. The client is to provide direction and leadership in all  these areas. VirtCh will assist as needed within the scope listed below.    

VirtCh Duties & Responsibilities
- Oversee and/or work in  conjunction with the community relations department  
- Assist in the planning of community nights and events

Client Duties & Responsibilities
- Manage all community programs
- Manage donation requests
- Manage online auctions (ie Jersey)
- Manage player appearance requests
- Coordinate community events
- Ensure Marketing and Promotions invoices are submitted to accounting in a timely manner and ensure payment is  processed by accounting  
- Maintain accurate records of all accounts payable expenses for Marketing, Promotions, Production and Entertainment departments